Obligatory complaint article about the hill

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It’s a big steep hill. Someone should really do something about it.

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Men’s soccer preview: September 24–25

Photo by Davie Wong

The Royals team thrives off their control of the game. When they can control possession, the game isn’t even close.

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How many of Trump’s supporters really are ‘deplorable’?

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Many will vote for him simply because he’s the Republican candidate.

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Street legal: Speeding tickets

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The trouble with radar is that it’s never fully accurate.

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Flawed by Design: the language of Dark Souls 3

Image by Abe Ng

Another merit of the multiplayer mode is how quickly it can warp into very odd experiences.

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Comic Corner: The woeful saga of Deathface Ginny

Illustration by Emma Ríos

Artistically, I have seen few graphic novels that have sustained their incredible artistic aesthetic as well as this novel does.

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Disappearing Donald

Photo Illustration by Joel McCarthy

“If he is no longer corporeal, the only explanation can be that people have stopped believing in him.”