Get outta here!

Photo by Maria Asselin-Roy

Welcome one and all to the third themed issue of Volume 41: the Go Outside issue!

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Students take to the outdoors, permanently

Photo illustration by Joel McCarthy

This summer has seen an increase in cloudless days, warmer climes, and, evidently, students planning to forgo customary living conditions come September.

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Five fun outdoor ideas that not everyone thinks of

Image via Wikimedia

Just as writers occasionally have writer’s block, sometimes regular folks have what I call “fun block.”

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Pack an extra change

Image via

Travelling is all about taking risk. The whole idea of travelling is built upon adventure. What travellers forget—especially Western travellers—is that our vacation grounds are other people’s homes.

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Green thumbs up

Go outside cover 300pix

It’s a no-brainer that summer is the time for fun outdoor activities. It is also the best time of the year for vacations. What makes these outdoor activities even...

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Collaboration and culture at Amelia Douglas Gallery

Kathryn Gibson, Sande Waters, Dorothy Doherty Photo by Cheryl Minns

Cross Currents: Investigations into abstraction and collaboration is the latest Amelia Douglas Gallery exhibit coming August 7. It explores the relationship between an artist and their abstract works as...

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BC wildfire budget depletes as heat wave continues

Image by Richard Lam, CP

With the ongoing heat wave occurring through the province, BC has experienced an early start to the wildfire season.

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Passing privilege

Photo illustration by Joel McCarthy

A dozen angry protesters gathered outside the Concourse on June 16 to object to the unfair treatment of college students.