‘GHOULS’ just want to have fun?

Illustration by Ed Appleby

Sure, it’s hard to be a girl these days—but what if you’re also dead? Major bummer, right?

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Immigrating meals

Image via Minghong via flickr.com

The world is full of interesting fast-food restaurants, all with their little unique flares and flavours. And I’m ready to taste them all. However, when you are travelling abroad...

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Get ur ‘fleek’ on

Lily Collins. Image via hdwallpapersinn.com

Since long before the term “on fleek” entered our collective lexicons, I’ve been obsessed with eyebrows. My quest for perfection probably began when I was about 10 years old,...

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The Intrepid Gastronomer: The good slice

Image by KP Davis

The Lower Mainland is well-known for its proliferation of pizza shops. Everyone always seems to be on the run from one place to another, and we often don’t have...

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Emerging artists assemble for ‘Avocations’ at Amelia Douglas Gallery

"Cousins" by Mikki Herbold

The Amelia Douglas Gallery at Douglas College has featured many amazing art exhibits from BC artists, but is now looking for something even more local.

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No place for young wolves

Image via @DofNWComm on Twitter

On March 31, aboriginal women’s shelter Young Wolves Lodge closed its doors after 12 years due to lack of funding.

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The heroin diaries

Heroin 300pix

My name’s Jeff*. I’m 22 years old—turning 23 in May—and I was born and raised in the Lower Mainland area. I have a caring family, consisting of my divorced parents and three siblings. I’m a business student at Douglas College, and I’m hoping to transfer to Simon Fraser University in the next two or three years.

Extreme budgeting

Image via https://www.mint.com

If you’re young, working, and studying using student loans then you’re likely financially strained and in need of a budget. There is not much you can compromise on.

The People vs. ‘Dr. Death’

Illustration by Ed Appleby

For the most part, this is a universally accepted norm in our modern society that we must do absolutely everything in our power to save the lives of those in need.