Is it gambling?

Cover by Lauren Kelly

Everything about loot boxes is designed to get players to want to buy more, sometimes to the tune of hundreds of dollars.

The dragon lives on

Feature by Lauren Kelly

Bruce Lee was a brilliant, kind, intense, charming, talented, funny, charismatic man who worked hard, trained intensely and wanted your input.” – Bob Wall, co-founder and CEO of  World Black Belt, Inc.

The psychology of guns


Many of the gun owners that I’ve spoken to over the years have expressed a very pragmatic view in regards to gun ownership.

So you want to be a content creator?


The Other Press spoke with two local content creators, Jesse Inocalla and Megan Milton, who told their stories of content creation: How they got started, and how they keep going.

60 years of humanity in space

Photo illustration by Lauren Kelly

In replacing the warheads with capsules to accommodate astronauts, the tool invented to destroy a world civilization was now repurposed to elevate it.