Clubbing is the absolute worst


Booze and sexual harassment don’t mix well

By Katie Czenczek, Staff Writer


I’ll never fully understand why clubbing is supposed to be the best possible way to have fun when in your 20s. I do love a good party, but going to a random place that features the faint aroma of B.O. while a bunch of strangers all wait around for “something to happen” just isn’t my idea of a good time.

Clubs—the darker, louder, and seat-less version of bars—are the worst. Yet somehow, every time my friends drag me out to another club downtown I seem to magically forget that I will not enjoy myself.

That is the problem with clubbing in our culture. It is hyped up to the point that even when the murky bathroom mirror and spilled toilet paper and piss on the ground are staring at you straight in the face, you’ll think, “Oh, it was just that one night, you weren’t at the right place. Don’t you know? Celebs are for Tuesdays!” Leading you to go out next week to waste more money on cover and coat check and over-priced drinks and still have the exact same awful experience.

The absolute worst part about clubbing, however, is how guys act like it’s open season on any girl in the facility. Maybe it’s the music, or the alcohol, or just club culture in general, but men approaching women at clubs could be a special on the Discovery Channel. First, the girl walks in, dressed up and with her flock of friends, dancing away. And then, all the sudden, she feels some sort of pressure coming from behind her. She swats him off but the only thing that will really stop him is that classic line: “I have a boyfriend.” Because, apparently, a girl just flat out not wanting some stranger to touch her is not reason enough for saying no.

Next time your friends invite you to a night out on the town, just try to remember what happened the last time, because if that wasn’t fun for you, know that it won’t be any better this time.


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