Splitting loose ends

Douglas College Student Services via Flickr

Next in line were the VIU Mariners. The Mariners were battling for a better playoff positioning

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Form as expected

Douglas College Student Services via Flickr

While a 3-0 loss looks poor for the team, the level of competition was high.

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Trick-or-treating should not have an age limit

Opinions_Trick or treating_preview

It's not even really about the candy, dressing up and going out is fun no matter how old you are.

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So, you’ve gone wanderlust, huh?

Opinions_all inclusive_preview

The problem with these resorts is you can’t really call them “travelling,” you would more accurately call it “vacationing.”

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Stories from the streets

Photo by Analyn Cuarto

“I grew up in a family where I wasn’t wanted,” Donna Wollf.

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Fan Expo Vancouver’s guest list part two

Image via DC Magazine

Comic artists and writers may not be as recognizable as TV and film stars, but their followings can be just as fanatical.

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Halloween’s forgotten meaning

Illustration by Cara Seccafien

Samhain is a tradition that goes back 2000 years. It signifies the end of the harvest in the Northern Hemisphere, and therefore the end of the year.”

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MoA opens exhibit on the rise of the nerd

Illustration by Cara Seccafien

As total dorks and massive dweebs become increasingly mainstream, anthropologists at the university have made an effort to show how nerds have changed, grown, and become commonplace with a...

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10 last-minute Halloween costumes


Maybe you're tired, or lazy, or both. Don't worry, here are some great last minute costumes that take just as much time as you to plan ahead.

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Call for student and employee artists

Painting by Nancy Walker_Via Giulia

“It’s a great tradition that we have here at the college every few years, to have a show that’s so inclusive of people who spend their days at the...

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Oh potatoes and molasses!

Image via Cartoon Network

The animation style is beautifully atmospheric and gives the entire show an old-fashioned vibe.

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Chairman of the Board: Fantasy football

Illustration by Ed Appleby

The game itself plays like a hybrid of American football and rugby, with loose formations, plenty of turnovers, and grievous injuries.“

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Latest Stories

More needs to be done in Myanmar

Muslims protest against what they say is Burma's crackdown on ethnic Rohingya Muslims photo by Jorge Silva

Not only is the way that Myanmar is being dealt with completely unacceptable, I believe it also shows the United Nations to be compliant by allowing these atrocities to occur.

Everyone is racist in a racist society


Complacency and denial has a lot to do with our hidden racism. When we deny racism, defend white supremacist ideology, and express ideas relating to segregation or white nationalism, we naturally increase the problem.

The currency wars

Opinions_currency wars_preview

The global confidence in the US dollar is reducing day by day because of the state of the US economy. The US is at a critical juncture. Their debt levels are out of control, and China is lending to them.

Don’t shame others’ career choices

Photo by Analyn Cuarto

If that is what people want to do with their lives, then let them. These jobs are important and serve purpose in equally different ways. Everyone has their reasons for wanting to have a certain career, and they don’t owe anyone an explanation for their decisions.

Combating stigma through comedy

Image Via standupformentalhealth.com

“It’s time that we start talking about it. It’s time that we make it … a part of our regular conversation.” – Stephanie Haslam, Interim Manager of Student Engagement

The affair: East Vancouver style

Screenshot from Meditation Park

The film shows various places in East Vancouver that everyone in the city knows including Chinatown, Pacific Coliseum, and the neighbouring houses that are near the PNE.