Enjoy a day at the beach, even in this snowy weather

Cover by Joel McCarthy

“They really loved beach volleyball,” Pressacco said, “and they wanted to open a place basically where we could go play beach volleyball in the winter.” 

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Douglas students move #ForwardTogether

Photo by Analyn Cuarto

The DSU Representative Committee started the meeting by presenting the Progress Report titled #ForwardTogether.

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Humour Editor forgets what it is to laugh and feel joy

Illustration by Ed Appleby

"I regret to inform you that I have lost the ability to laugh or experience joy. This, as you might well imagine, is not the ideal condition for a...

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Neither God nor Satan wants Trump in the afterlife

Image via worldcrisis.ru

“That man can go straight to Hell, quite frankly, and I won’t even gaze forlornly upon him as one of my lost children when he succumbs to the darkness.”

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Marches on Washington collide after scheduling error

Image via nbcnews.com

Dozens of injuries are reported and the scene is currently still a mess of picket signs and face paint.

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Is it time to revisit Canada’s gun laws?

Photo by Kevin O'Leary/Vimeo

Over 500 people die via bullets in Canada annually. Many of these are suicides, but 170 of those deaths are at the hands (and from the guns) of others.

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White supremacy is an extreme threat to civilization

Donald Trump and Steve Bannon via trump24h.com

Bannon is heavily supported by the KKK, has praised fascism and nationalism, and repeatedly made anti-Semitic comments about Jewish people.

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Valentine’s Day for people who have been dating for five minutes

Corgnelius via imgur

If your relationship stands the tests of the first several months, days like Valentine’s Day can serve as cherished early memories.

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Hit the spot

Illustration by Ed Appleby

Known as the G-spot in women, and the P-spot in men, this little bundle of nerves is the hot key to romantic success. But where do you find such...

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Romance and relationships in speculative fiction

Screenshot from 'Mass Effect'

Romance and relationships that don’t even faintly resemble anything you’d see on Earth can still be incredibly powerful and often better than realistic fiction.

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Get ready for a downpour

'Risk of Rain' promotional image

This game is deep and impressive, especially coming from such a small development team.

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High fantasy versus low fantasy

Image via Warnerbros

Even Lord of the Rings, the quintessential fantasy series and by far one of the richest secondary worlds out there, can be challenged as low fantasy.

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Work out while you put out

Images via askmen.com

Sex can be a pretty intense physical activity, so here are just some athletic sexual positions that can be used as a workout, or even just to work up...

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A true test

Photo by Davie Wong

The Royals are not easily deterred. Watch for them to be pulling out new plays and trying to make things happen, as if the matchup is like any other.

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Pilot Season

Cover illustration by Ed Appleby

Whether you’re looking to start a career in the field, or simply hoping to pick up some work to help pay the bills, here’s what you need to know...

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