A brave new Other Press

Still from 'Back to the Future Part II'

The Other Press, as mentioned in my last Lettitor of 2017, has gone through some significant changes.

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I spent New Year’s alone at home and you should too

Photo by Analyn Cuarto

There is honestly no better way to start the new year than by waking up from a peaceful and restful slumber and not being hungover.

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Globalism shouldn’t be a bad word

'Les Femmes d'Alger' by Pablo Picasso

The most notable impact of globalism isn’t violent coups or assassinations—it’s interdependency.

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Our ‘1984,’ George Orwellian future may be closer than we think

Illustration by Cara Seccafien

I honestly believe that we are indeed living in a war-mongered, brainwashed, surveillance heavy society, but not nearly to the degree of Orwell’s famous book.

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Robots receive human rights protections

Photo via The Verge

“Giving them the same rights as human beings is ridiculous,” Trevor Danvers, president Blood and Bone, Vancouver chapter

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Wild salmon extinct

Photo via Pound the Budweiser

“I’ve lost four cousins to farm salmon,” Dave Michell, Wet’suwet’en fisherman

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The student’s future

Photo by Analyn Cuarto

That shiny new degree tells employers that you know a few things, but more importantly, it tells them that you know how to buckle down and work towards something...

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Explore Vancouver

Illustration by Cara Seccafien

When you think of Vancouver, and what sets our city apart from many others, often two things come to mind—the Skytrain, and the recognizable shape of Science World at...

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The future of urban density

Photo by Analyn Cuarto

In other cities, collectives can house up to 20 people, often people of diverse ages and backgrounds, and even multiple family units.

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OPINION: White feminism is toxic to female synthetic organisms

Photo via The Inquisitr

Female cyborgs only made up one tenth of upper-level and management positions, while male cyborgs make up three tenths.

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Innovation in art


“Like, I said this is about the body, but it’s, like, really about my body. My body is in those splatters, you know?”- Parker

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Digital bio-tourism in the face of Earth’s next great extinction

Still from 'Planet Earth II' via Vulture

Critics of Planet Earth II and similar programs claim that by spotlighting unique species from around the world, attention is being taken away from the very real crises facing...

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The futurism of ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’

Promotional image for 'Horizon: Zero Dawn'

The core concept of the game can be summed up with a giant metal Tyrannosaurus rex walking in a quiet wintery forest.

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