If albums were presented visually

Cover by Joel McCarthy

A visual component has started to become a bigger part of music albums than it used to be, as nowadays some releases include a music video for every song.

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A note on history: Hating Nickelback for all the wrong reasons

Image via sickchirpse.com

When and why did we start deciding that hating Nickelback was the cool thing to do?

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Getting into Marvel comics

Image via Marvel

Everyone should experience a good origin story when they first start reading comics, and this is one of the best that’s come out recently.

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Art show brings together people with and without disabilities

Photo by Analyn Cuarto

“They just go for it, you ask what colour and they pick the brightest colour, and they just really go.”

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Vancouver vs. the world

Photo by Analyn Cuarto

When we think of major, global cities, it isn’t often we associate that with Vancouver, but maybe it’s time we should.

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Raising cats and dogs

Photo by Brittney MacDonald

The raising of a pet comes down much more to your personal situation, your pets’ personality, and their breed.

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Beauty on a budget: A guide to felt-tip liquid liners

Photo illustration by Joel McCarthy

Liquid liner is super fun, and it’s easy to create subtle or dramatic looks with them.

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Writer wakes up from post-exam coma

Illustration by Ed Appleby

I ended up writing (Insert Name of Hospital Here) and continued typing the article, thinking that the idea might come to me later.

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Election Ads Review: 2017 BC Provincial Election

BCNewDemocrats via YouTube

Just like the ads during the 2015 Federal Election, the ads in this election will likely determine the results of the election.

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People could hurt you anywhere, anytime

businessman nervously facing an obstacle challenge

Most terrorist attacks are unpredictable and target victims at random.

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No longer the NDP of the ’90s

Photo by Aaron Guillen

“We’re a new party, and all I ask is that you give us a chance to show what we can do.”

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Surrey Creep Catchers president arrested

Photo by Lasia Kretzel via news1130.com

The group has raised questions about the role of citizens acting outside the law, and the role social media plays in mob justice.

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College to competitive e-sports?

Photo by Davie Wong

When the League of Legends North America League Championship Series Finals descended on Vancouver in April, it was met by a flurry of eager fans.

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A man’s sport?

Photo via olympique.ca

People have been questioning whether women are fit for the rough and tough sport of rugby for as long as it has been a sport.

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Why are Asian people acceptable targets?

Screenshot from Jennifer Murphy Beds 'I want to be Neenja'

We seem to have largely agreed that making fun of people of colour is bad, but that obviously doesn’t extend to everyone.

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