Saying goodbye

Photo by Lauren Kelly

It’s hard to believe that this is my last issue leading this paper as Editor-in-Chief, and this is the last lettitor I will write for you.

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The ‘Other Press’: Civil War

Flawless masterpiece by Mike LeMike

“Honestly, it would have been way more of a plot twist if I decided not to go. I don’t know what happened.”

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The birth of pride

Cover by Joel McCarthy

To fully appreciate the celebration of Pride, it is important to understand the history behind it.

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Tough as a Lion

Photo via

"You’re never as good as you think, you’re never as bad as you think. Just try to stay as positive as you can."

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Trains and tracks and tolls, oh my!

Photo by Analyn Cuarto

"I am an avid public transit user. It’s a fantastic opportunity for me to serve BC and the North Shore." - Transportation Minister Bowinn Ma

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Awesome song titles, even more awesome rock

Screenshot from 'Stone Sour- Fabuless' music video

As a listener, it’s almost impossible not to be caught up in the frenetic energy of "Fabuless" and scream along with the chorus.

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Production of ‘Rick and Morty’ season three halted due to loss of MS Paint

Image via Adult Swim

“We ask that everyone be patient, as we estimate the time it will take to transition to this new production model will be at least a year and a...

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Suicide is not a cowardly act

Photo of Chester Bennington via

The sad truth is, when you’re contemplating suicide, you’re generally not thinking about how sad your loved ones will be if you left them.

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The fight isn’t over: Stonewall and beyond

Miss Major Griffin-Gracy via

The film focused on the life of Miss Major Griffin-Gracy, a trans woman activist and a participant in the Stonewall Riots.

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Local NDP MP drops from NDP leadership race

Photo via

Julian, who has been the MP for New Westminster since 2004, was the first to announce his candidacy for leadership of the federal NDP.

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Government sponsorship of mental health is the only vehicle to change

Opinions_Mental health

The Canadian government does not pay nearly as much for counselors, psychologists, or other mental health professionals.

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Smoking cigarettes should be banned in public

Photo of Gregor Robertson via Global News

It’s against the law to smoke inside any public building. So why is it okay to light up in outdoor public areas?

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Chairman of the Board: Hey, secret agent man!

Illustration by Ed Appleby

Knowledge is power. And you never know who might be a spy looking to take that information.

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Scared catless


Luna is my best friend in the truest sense of the word, and she won’t be allowed in my tiny Welsh dorm room.

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Red umbrellas and decriminalization

Cover by Mike LeMieux

Society is very biased in its views towards who deserves public outrage and who does not.

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Oh, Canada Day

Photo by Lauren Kelly

This Canada Day has brought a lot of pride, a lot of advertisements, and a lot of controversy.

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