A look at Black history in British Columbia

Cover by Lauren Kelly

“The history taught in schools is very white-centric, so it’s up to us to tell our stories.” - Silvia Mangue Alene, President of the BC Black History Society

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And we’re back after the first intermission

Photo by Lauren Kelly

“What in the great wide world of sports is going on?!” – you, probably

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Analysis: Canada finds early success in windy Pyeongchang

Illustration by Cara Seccafien

Canada won a lot of medals earlier than one might have thought.

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Coquitlam gets efficient

Photo by Analyn Cuarto

“These initiatives look to improve service to our clients,” Graham Stuart, corporate planning manager City of Coquitlam

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With no surprises left to offer, what is a 10-year reunion supposed to be?

Photo by Analyn Cuarto

What are 10-year high school reunions, in the age where everyone’s lives can be found online, and there are no surprises waiting for you?

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Justice for Colton Boushie

Photo by Laurence Niosi via Radio-Canada

This is the problem with the Indigenous experience in this country—no one is really paying attention.

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Jimmy Cunningham: Vancouver’s greatest mason

Photo by Chandler Walter

James “Jimmy” Cunningham is Vancouver’s unsung hero.

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The Lazy Bastard’s kitchen

Photo by Analyn Cuarto

What you’re left with should be a gooey, delicious mess.

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Diet fads: Then and now

Thigh Measurement' by Peter Driben

While diets like Weight Watchers, SlimFast, and Atkins might have survived the years, here’s a look back on a few of the most questionable diets from the last 60.

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Vancouver Hospital introduces Throwback Thursdays


Despite the low morale caused by the lack of memes, the VH has decided to turn the tables and directly appeal to the youth demographic.

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Grocery clerk sticks banana sticker onto co-worker’s arm

Photo illustration by Lauren Kelly

“Just like that, I had become a banana.” – John Arbuck, local banana

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Star Lottery 2103

Alice stares, transfixed by the views of that distant red planet.

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God of Planting

“This is all I’ll plant today.”

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Marvel’s fake countries and where to find them

Art of Wakanda via Marvel Comics

Marvel’s answer was to create fictional nations based loosely around geopolitical hotspots.

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More than just a dance club

Photo via Douglas College Hip Hop Club

“What we want to give people is an experience. It’s not just a regular class, it’s an experience.” – MJ Estores, President of DHHC

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