‘Now what?’: Gender-based violence in the Vancouver arts scene, and beyond

COVER_Now what

was my friend, and he raped me, and he committed suicide. All of these things are true, all at the same time, and I don’t really know how...

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TransLink tests new double-decker buses

Photo via the 'Georgia Straight'

These new buses have almost twice the seating of regular buses.

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Ontario college instructors forced to end strike

Photo via 'Ontario Public Service Employees Union' Facebook page

“Compromise and figure it out. Or we want our money back,” Amir Allana, paramedic student Humber College

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How rebounds are more harmful than helpful

Image via wealthysinglemommy.com

It is unfair to deny the opportunity to become comfortable with yourself, by yourself.

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Employers checking employees’ social media is wrong

Image via resolutionmedia.com

Social media is a place for people to post about their personal and social lives. So, of course most of the time it is not going to be “professional.

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Lacrosse: Our official sport?

Photo of Montreal Shamrocks via Wikimedia

By the mid-1800s it was regularly played across what is now Quebec and Ontario, enough for its first formal leagues to form and lacrosse become a Canada-wide sensation.

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Early lessons

Photo via Douglas College Flickr

Kameron Johnson had a heck of a game for the Royals, going point for point with the PACWEST MVP, Usama Zaid.

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Tips for self-care over winter break

Photo via the 'Vancouver Sun'

Once all the papers are cited and exams are turned in, it’s important to take a moment and take care of yourself a little bit.

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Confusion erupts as young woman moves without writing ‘Why I’m leaving Vancouver’ open letter

Photo by Analyn Cuarto

Vancouver City Bylaw 7089 states “Any citizen relocating outside of the Lower Mainland must pen a-personal-yet-relatable thought piece on why he or she is leaving, and drag it out...

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Florida woman discovers cold weather

Photo by Nick Procaylo via the 'Vancouver Sun'

“It’s like that stuff we put in our drinks, ice, but shredded? The world is covered in Italian Ice now?” – Bridget Ivery

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‘Overcooked’ serves up a lot of fun

Screenshot of 'Overcooked' via team17.com

As you can see, it escalates quickly from the run-of-the-mill kitchen of the first level.

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Upcoming Music Department performances

Photo by Analyn Cuarto

Looking for some lovely live music to take your mind off paper and exam stress?

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First Nations writers share their stories at ‘Aboriginal Voices’

Photo of Joanne Arnott, Wanda John-Kehewin, Louise Bernice Halfe, and Jules Arita Koostachin (left to right) by Analyn Cuarto

“These are stories that have to come out, and these writers and readers brought those stories out to share with people.” – Dave Seaweed, Aboriginal Coordinator

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