Who are the Transit Police?

Photo Illustration by Joel McCarthy

“I would like everyone to know that Transit Police officers are on the transit system to keep everyone who uses our system as safe as possible." - Anne Drennan,...

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Déjà vu?

Photo by Sean Velasco

Kell is on a scoring bonanza, netting three in her last two games.

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A poor man’s Ultimate

Photo by Analyn Cuarto

Part of me assumed disc golf was the same thing as lawn bowling, but when the day came and I met my date at the course, I realized I...

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Is any utopia fundamentally flawed?

'The Prologue and the Promise' by Robert McCall

Does inequality make us unique? Are all the problems in humanity necessary parts of our society? It is depressing, but important, to think about.

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Release yourself in intimacy

Image via beliefnet.com

The orgasm and human body cannot become another impatient goal or product that reflects our own self-worth, as we will then rush to receive and create what should have...

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What can I get for you this morning?

Image via bluemaize.net

A polite “no thank you” and some eye contact make having to confront the next half-asleep patron much less intimidating.

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Make me look like Rihanna

Photo via thedailyflawless.com

I had a secret hope that it might work miracles and somehow super impose Rihanna's face onto my own. Sadly, that didn't occur .

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Attaining organizational bliss through ‘Bullet Journaling’

Photo by Analyn Cuarto

Bullet Journaling allows you the flexibility to use your agenda like a notebook, sketchbook, or a regular agenda.

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Authorities warn public to watch out for oncoming hipster swarm


“In large swarms they’ve been known to destroy favourite restaurants and entire genres of music in a single day.” – Frank Greener

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Douglas alum releases second self-published novel

Photo of Peter Curson by Caroline Ho

“Anyone can write a novel. It doesn’t take a Creative Writing major … It takes time, it takes commitment.” – Peter Curson

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An hour of free live music every Thursday

Photo of Colin and Dave Branter by Barrie Barrington

“When you come out the other end of a concert, you find that a lot of your stresses have been reduced.” – John van Deursen, Music Department Coordinator

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Chairman of the Board: Catch me if you can

Illustration by Ed Appleby

The game plays very similarly to Santorini (2017) and other grid blocking style games, but lacks the complexity necessary to be truly engaging.

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