From Russia with kicks

Cover by Lauren Kelly

Germany is the defending champion, defeating Argentina 1-0 in extra time in the last World Cup’s final, which was held in Brazil back in 2014.

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Vancouver’s nightlife is trash

Illustration by Cara Seccafien

He who parties in Vancouver is home by midnight.

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Big problems for little businesses

Photo by Analyn Cuarto

Even though it may seem convenient to have all your clothes, food, and electronics readily available in a singular location, it is important to understand the repercussions that occur...

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The anti-vax movement is dangerous and needs to end now

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

The culprit is not the inability to get vaccines; it’s a willingness to throw out hard facts in favour of soft, easily-digestible lies.

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Analysis: Revised Surrey LRT plan improves stops, traffic congestion

Artistic rendering of a Surrey Light Rail station via Translink

“ comfortable with the cost estimates we have now,” Stephan Mehr, TransLink project director

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Douglas student embroiled in kidnapping scam

Photo by Analyn Cuarto

“The duress it puts the family in is unbelievable," acting duty inspector Jeff Bell, Calgary Police Service

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Futurist speaks at Douglas College

Photo by Analyn Cuarto

“What if every window in every city was a solar panel?” Nikolas Badminton, futurist

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Sensory aesthetics

Photo via Pixabay

Those goosebumps are a signifier in how smart an individual is; these people may very well be smarter than the rest of us!

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The best of Vancouver’s museums

Photo by jmv on Flickr

Emily Carr is a British Columbian staple, and Japanese architect Shigeru Ban will be showcased with his temporary relief shelters made for victims of earthquakes.

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The passing of TotalBiscuit

John "TotalBiscuit" Bain via Youtube

This is about John Bain; his work, his principles, and what he meant to at least one of his fans.

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Get slicked, slick!

Illustration by Cara Seccafien

Okay, so you decided to pick a pomade, but these Squares are using fancy terms like “orthodox”, “slickness”, “matte”, and you haven’t a clue what they mean.

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Great Inclinations


But there’s a certain satisfaction that comes with making your hike’s endgame into a destination rather than just an Instagram post.

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Entrepreneur invents ingenious way to double his customer base


Harpen is developing seminars for his technique and plans to use his net-capturing to bring in a record number of audience members.

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An adventure of godly proportions

Image from 'God of War' via FayerWayer

The game constantly impresses with the way it blends gameplay and story together with the same mechanics.

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Chairman of the Board: Battling ships

Illustration by Ed Appleby

The action is fast-paced and everyone on the crew has an equity important role to play.

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