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The lad culture, with its foul language, drunken behaviour, and occasional sexism and racism, is amped up by the foreign setting.

Bad cops

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Police Academy uses the idea of a disrupted patriarchal institution for comedic effect.

Too long, too crowded, and too many gags

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The whole race is orchestrated by a wealthy Las Vegas casino owner named Donald Sinclair (John Cleese), who is capturing everything on video for the entertainment of himself and his wealthy friends.

American politics is a joke

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At a time when politics south of the border are more absurd than ever before, this mediocre comedy from the 2012 election year is worth viewing.

Porn can ruin your life

Its finest moments derive from its treatment of the subject of pornography and porn addiction, facets of modern day life.

Sex addiction in the city

Jake and Lainey’s behaviours are both adulterous and fuelled by a sort of sexual addiction that demands the thrill of an adulterous sexual encounter.