Warning signs ignored

Opin_Vancouver earthquake
Lacklustre earthquake should alert us, not relieve us By Elliot Chan, Opinions Editor I didn’t crawl under my table...

The report card: Racist team names

Opinions_Rasist team names

North American sporting heritage has always found inspiration in the indigenous people. It makes sense. After all, they are proud people who essentially lost everything during colonialism—so why not give them some consolation by rooting for them in athletic endeavours?

Smartphones and dumb phobia

Smartphone phobia

One in five people currently owns a smartphone on planet Earth. That is quite remarkable, since five years ago I was convinced that I might never get one. I personally didn’t want to be a slave to my phone.

Letter to the Editor

The following is a response to the article “Tuition rises: but cuts still made?” which appeared in Isuue #27...

Waiting to exhale?

Electronic cigarettes welcome smokers back inside By Philippe Payeur, Contributor I don’t smoke, and as such, I’ve gleefully taken...