What to watch after binging ‘Stranger Things 2’

Image of 'Stranger Things' via nerdist.com

Image of ‘Stranger Things’ via nerdist.com

You may have finished Season 2, but that doesn’t mean it’s over

By Veronnica MacKillop, Contributor


The long-awaited second season of Stranger Things was released on October 28, and chances are, you’ve already binged the entire season and are hungry for more. Luckily, we’ve got you covered by finding the best ways to keep getting your Stranger Things fix. Avoid these videos until you have finished Season 2!

Netflix isn’t usually known for releasing behind-the-scenes footage, but they gave the fans what they wanted this time with Beyond Stranger Things, a Netflix aftershow hosted by Jim Rash, where he interviews cast members, creators the Duffer Brothers, and executive producer/director Shawn Levy. They tell plenty of behind-the-scenes stories, as well as play bloopers and extra footage from the show. It also gives an insight into some of the special effects, and into shots before the effects are added.

Stranger Things 2, like the first season, is jam-packed full of ’80s references. If you want to see how many you caught, watch GameSpot Universe’s video, Stranger Things 2 – Our Favorite Easter Eggs & 80s References! The video is an episode-by-episode breakdown of almost every reference the show makes to 1980s pop culture. It’s guaranteed to make you feel nostalgic, even if you weren’t alive yet in the ’80s.

If you have an hour to spare, check out All Stranger Things Considered: Season 2 Breakdown WITH SPOILERS (Nerdist News Talks Back) for a full breakdown and review of the season. When you rewatch Season 2 for the second—or third—time, try watching ColliderVideos’ review of each episode to pace out your rewatch, and to make you feel like you’re discussing the show with someone, if your friends are sick of hearing all your theories.

Season 2 answered a lot of questions that we had from Season 1, but some still remain a mystery, and the nine episodes brought a whole slew of new questions. Watch Looper’s video The Biggest Unanswered Questions In Stranger Things 2 to find new things to ponder until the next season. After that video, see Flicks and the City’s Stranger Things SEASON 3 Theories, Predictions & Season 2 Questions to see if any of your theories are similar.

We can probably all agree that the young actors make the show, and the Stranger Things stars are just as hilarious and likable in their interviews. The cast is already out discussing the season. They did a 46-minute interview where they talked about topics from trick-or-treating, to on-set school, to their hopes for Season 3. Find it by searching The cast of Stranger Things answering questions with SiriusXM’s EW Radio online. Catch the cast again on TRL Weekdays where they spill even more on-set secrets and answer fan questions. Both of these interviews feature Caleb McLaughlin (Lucas), Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin), Finn Wolfhard (Mike), Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven), and Sadie Sink (Max). Unfortunately, Noah Schnapp (Will) does not appear in these videos, but we can look forward to hearing the young actor’s thoughts on the season in future interviews.

Once you’ve watched all these videos, download Stranger Things: The Game. It was released for iOS and Android just before Season 2 came out. You can unlock eight characters throughout the game as you navigate Hawkins and solve puzzles.

Since it may be a while until we get the (unconfirmed) third season of Stranger Things, we have to do something to pass the time until our return to Hawkins, so keep an eye out for upcoming comic-con panels, cast interviews, and maybe even events in your city. Or you could just keep watching the first two seasons on repeat.


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