A Dynamic workout experience

Image by Cpl Russ Nolan RLC via Wikimedia
Image by Cpl Russ Nolan RLC via Wikimedia

A review of Dynamic Health and Fitness

By Mercedes Deutscher, Staff Writer

Trying to keep up with my New Year’s resolution of getting into shape, I recently bought myself a membership at Dynamic Health and Fitness. For those who are unaware, it is located just beside Starbucks by the westbound platform in New Westminster SkyTrain station.

I first entered this gym out of curiosity and was given a tour of the facility by the owner. I was pleasantly surprised with how much equipment was available, and the variety of it. As someone who sometimes feels self-conscious while working out, I was happy to see a “ladies only” workout area.

Something that pushed me towards buying a membership was the extensive change room facilities. Although I’m not sure what the men’s change room looks like, the women’s change room at Dynamic is fitted with over 30 large day lockers, scales, plenty of change rooms, and four private shower stalls. In addition to this, the shower stalls have shampoo and conditioner dispensers, and there are blow dryers and other styling tools available for use. Members need only bring their own towels. As someone who wants to work out more, but doesn’t want to go around all day being sweaty and gross, I really like this feature.

During the week, Dynamic has extensive hours, opening at 5:30 in the morning and closing at 9:30 at night. While these hours aren’t as great during the weekend (7:30 AM to 5:30 PM), it still allows plenty of time during the day to drop in for an hour or two.

Upon completing my tour of Dynamic, I was given a voucher to come in for a free workout. I love the variety of equipment to choose from at this gym. Not only does Dynamic have all of the typical workout equipment like cardio machines—such as treadmills and ellipticals—and strength-training stations—like the leg press and vertical row—but they have some machines that aren’t found in a lot of public gyms as well.

For example, I noticed a lot more machines dedicated to working out abs than there are at my local recreation centre. There is an abdominal machine in the ladies only section where one’s chest is pressed against a pad and pushed in order to lift weight. Another great machine in the co-ed section involves working abs at the side of your body by twisting to the side while lifting some weight.

Dynamic also provides services like fitness classes, personal training, sauna, and tanning. Fitness classes are provided evenly throughout the day.

Membership at Dynamic is affordable, which is great on a student budget. I joined during a deal (which happens often) and paid a one-time joining fee of $20. Monthly membership costs $30, a great deal when compared to $50 at most recreation centres, or even more expensive rates at gyms like the Steve Nash Fitness Centre.

I had nothing but a positive experience at Dynamic Health and Fitness and I highly recommend going to check it out.