Avalanche melted

Matt Santema. Photo by Eric Wilkins
Matt Santema. Photo by Eric Wilkins

Douglas College men’s volleyball team wipes out Avalanche in three-game sweep

By Michael Sopow, Sports Reporter

On November 27, the Douglas College men’s volleyball team faced off against the College of the Rockies Avalanche in their eleventh league game of the 2014-15 season.

The Royals, looking stellar thus far, entered the game with a record of eight wins and two losses. They were looking to maintain their momentum and add to their already exemplary showing in the standings.

The game began with the Royals and the Avalanche looking committed on offence and defence. Both teams inched their way through the first set, which went down to the wire, but Douglas pulled through in the end with the score ending in a close 26-24.

Notable efforts were put forth by Matt Santema, whose outside spikes were a danger to the Avalanche throughout the match. The opposition seemingly had no effective response or counter to the velocity and speed that Santema could put on the ball.

In the beginning of the second, both teams came out with the same drive they showed throughout most of the first set; however, the Royals quickly began to take control. The score went from 10-7 to 20-11 in no time as Douglas was on form with every aspect needed in volleyball; there was fantastic setting, awe-inspiring defensive returns, and stunning spikes which the Avalanche could not contend with. The second game ended with Douglas College talking a 25-12 victory.

Throughout the third, the Avalanche began to regain their composure and step back up to the net in dire hope of making a remarkable comeback and pulling off the upset. Although the Royals remained in the lead for the majority of the set, the Avalanche remained on their tail and kept the game tense.

In the closing moments of the third set, the Avalanche took a 19-18 lead over the Royals and it looked as though there was possibility of a furthered game, but Douglas was able to hold on for the third, with the deciding game’s final score, 25-23, ending in victory for Douglas.