BC seeking influx of measles vaccination

NEWS_Measles vaccine
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Precaution has outlasted myth of vaccines causing degenerative effects

By Angela Espinoza, News Editor

The current measles outbreak has residents of BC seeking large numbers of vaccines.

The outbreak originated in Disneyland in California, with cases having been reported worldwide since January.

Whether travelling to the theme park or being generally cautious, many families throughout BC are hoping to get the vaccine reportedly by this year’s spring school break.

While fears of disproven vaccination myths may have played a role in families not seeking vaccinations before, CBC reported that a recent poll found nine out of 10 Canadians now believe vaccines overall have positive effects on health.

CBC also stated that “95 per cent” of a vaccinated population in regards to measles would result in a “herd immunity” effect for Canadians.

However, Dr. Suni Boraston, director of Vancouver Coastal Health’s travel clinic, told Globe and Mail in January, “I don’t think people should be worried,” based on how information regarding vaccines has spread in the past several years.