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Covergirl LashBlast Clump Crusher Extensions Mascara

By Lauren Kelly, Assistant Editor

Covergirl’s original Clump Crusher mascara is considered by many to be one of the best drugstore options. It’s well known for creating a natural, clump-free look that can be hard to come by. I’ve been through two tubes of it, so I was excited to try out Clump Crusher Extensions, a newer version of the product. The packaging claims to have added a “buildable fiber-stretch formula to give up to 20 times volume and length.”

This mascara, like the original Clump Crusher, takes more than one coat to look great, so the application can be a little bit slower. However, it is very easy to use. The curved, plastic brush provides good separation to the lashes instead of clumping groups of lashes together. Since it’s very buildable, it’s easy to adjust how much volume and length you want.

Even though I picked the Very Black option, it still isn’t overwhelming and would look good with most eye makeup looks, and I would use it even when I’m not wearing any other eye makeup.

My eyelashes are pretty average in length and not very dark, so I like that this adds so much length and definition. I would say that it nearly doubles my eyelash length. Although I don’t curl my eyelashes as I have enough of a natural curl to get away with skipping that step, reviewers online say that it holds a curl well.

The formula is fairly dry, which means it doesn’t smudge or flake very much. The only issue that I had with the original Clump Crusher, and it might carry over to this one as well, is that because it’s a drier formula one tube did dry up. However, one tip for that is to add a few drops of eyedrops or contact fluid, which are both obviously safe for eye contact, and mix the product around.

For me, this mascara is a must buy. It and the original are commonly placed at the top of people’s favourites lists for good reason—they do exactly what they say they will, and well. Clump Crusher Extensions is available at Wal-Mart for $8.50 and London Drugs for $9.50.