Beauty on a Budget: Batiste dry shampoo

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Keep on top of your hair this holiday season

By Lauren Kelly, Editor-in-Chief

Now that we’re winding down into finals and then the holiday season, our lives are going to be pretty busy! A quick way to stay on top of your hair when you’re on the go is dry shampoo. You spray it on your hair, particularly at the roots, and it absorbs any oils, making your hair look clean and fresh.

For those on a budget, Batiste brand dry shampoo should be your go-to. Unlike other brands I’ve used, I haven’t experienced any clogging, so you should be able to use it to the last spray. It’s also incredibly effective for a dry shampoo, especially given its price-range.

For those of us with dark hair, users of the product report that they don’t see any white residue, which can be a common problem with other brands. To further combat this, it comes in three varieties with a “hint of colour”: Light & Blonde, Medium & Brunette, and Dark & Deep Brown. These leave some extra colour and shine to your hair, with some reviewers even saying that they use it to touch up their colour between dyes.

For those with dry, brittle hair, Batiste also has a dry shampoo called Strength & Shine, which includes L-Arginine, an amino acid that helps strengthen your hair. If you don’t need strength or colour, you can go with one of the nine scented original cans, including Coconut & Exotic Tropical, Floral & Flirty Blush, and Vibrant & Daring Neon. These are, of course, on top of Clean & Classic Original, if you don’t want to go too wild with your hairdo. For people with really fine or flat hair, Batiste also comes in various volumizing options—from XL to XXXL.

While dry shampoo is always helpful to have on hand, it’s a must-have during the dry and busy winter months when hair is more susceptible to drying out and breakage. Luckily, Batiste is available in 200 mL cans at Winners for $6.99, and Wal-Mart for $7.47, making them pretty affordable, even on top of gift-shopping. London Drugs also carries 50 mL cans for $6.99, for any of you planning to travel this December!