Beauty on a budget: Katy Kat Mermaid collection

CoverGirl advertisement
CoverGirl advertisement

A collection that offers unique colours and versatile products

By Lauren Kelly, Editor-in-Chief


In February, Katy Perry released her Spring collection for Covergirl as part of her Katy Kat collection. This collection has a mermaid theme, and the products have a pearl finish instead of the matte finish of her previous products. To test the new line, I decided to try one colour from each of the products: Katy Kat Pearl lipstick, Katy Kat Eye liner, and Katy Kat Pearl Shadow + Highlighter.

I previously reviewed the Katy Kat Matte lipstick collection, which has a few colours that I really like. Her new lipsticks come in Blue-tiful Kitty, Apricat, Purrty in Pink, and Reddy to Pounce. Although Reddy to Pounce was tempting as it’s a beautiful poppy colour, I wanted to try the most daring colour she had: Blue-tiful Kitty. It’s an icy, cool-toned light blue, and I hoped it would be a cool addition to my spring lip options.

Unfortunately, I’m not a huge fan. For a unique colour like this, it needs to go on easily and give you full coverage, because any hint of pink poking through ruins the look. However, it was very difficult to get full coverage, and it wore off easily from any food or drink. I wore it out for most of a Saturday, but abandoned it before dinner because it was honestly more work than it was worth. However, it did get a lot of looks and comments, so if you want to a high-impact, eye-catching colour, this may be worth a try! I would recommend using some primer under it, though.

The new eyeliner line is available in Kitty Whispurr (a matte bright white), Purrmaid (a pearly emerald), Kitty Katabra (a sparkly black), and Midnight Matte (a matte black and a missed chance for another cat pun). I grabbed Purrmaid, which I expected to be a bluer green than it actually is, based on Perry’s makeup in the advertisements. Unfortunately, due to my brown hair and brown eyes, this green eyeliner does absolutely nothing flattering for me, though I still think this would be beautiful for someone with green or blue eyes, or red hair. The liner works well and is easy to apply, and even comes with a smudging tool on the other end. I didn’t have much luck with the tool, but I’m sure it would be better to smoke out some of the black liners.

The last product—and the most interesting one to me—is the Shadow + Highlighter. It’s formulated to be easy to blend out over your cheeks and other areas you wish to highlight, or to smooth it onto your lids for a nice metallic finish. There are only two shades: Tiger’s Eye (gold) and Tiger Rose (rose gold). I picked it up in the gold because I thought that that would be a more flattering shade on me. The cream product comes in a small pot, and my main complaint is that it’s not super easy to get much product on my finger, so my expectations on what it would be like with a brush are pretty low.  However, I really love it otherwise. The gold looks great as both a shadow and a highlighter, and it is super portable. It’s definitely my favourite item in the line.

Depending on how crazy you like to go with your makeup, the lipstick and eyeliner offerings may be a cheap way for you to get your fix—especially since shades like these are usually only found in higher-end products, or as limited editions in drug store brands. I would definitely recommend the Shadow + Highlighter combo for everyone, though. Each product in the line is around $10, so you can’t go wrong. Definitely check them out and see for yourself!