Canadian Prime Minister backs Donald Trump

Photo illustration
Photo illustration

Justin Trudeau throws his support to the Republican front runner

By Jake Wray, Columnist

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau privately endorsed Donald Trump’s campaign, according to leaked audio of a phone call between Trudeau and United States President, Barack Obama.

The leak, sent to the Other Press and other prominent news outlets by an anonymous whistleblower, consists of roughly 45 minutes of uncensored chatter between the two world leaders.

The pair covered a wide array of topics including Drake’s new album, the NHL playoffs, and the upcoming American election. At one point, Trudeau can be heard saying he hopes Trump will win the Republican primary and the subsequent general election.

“My money’s on Trump. I mean, it would be pretty fucking zany,” Trudeau said. “Sorry, man, I know you’re sensitive about Republicans. He’s just epic. He has bold ideas—he’s such a character. If he gets elected, the next four years are going to be exhilarating. Who knows what could happen?!”

Obama responded with a chuckle, “Heh, yeah, I have to admit that would be pretty dope.”

Trudeau’s comments are being met with ire by pundits and commentators across the political spectrum. Beloved American commentator Nancy Grace (“One of television’s most respected legal analysts,” according to her website) proclaimed on her show that Trudeau is a fraud.

“What are you doing? You’re not a part of this club. It’s weird, like when you want to hang out with your friends and then your little brother tags along and tries to fit in,” Grace said.

“You don’t even despise Muslims, and it is an absolute insult that you would express fondness for Trump’s inspiring campaign. Are you doing this ironically, you dirty, pot-addled, Canadian hipster?”

Neil Macdonald, a CBC correspondent known for his thoughtful and hard-hitting political commentary, published an uncharacteristically short column in response to Trudeau’s comments.

“ಠ_ಠ,” Macdonald wrote. “ಠ_ಠ ಠ_ಠ ಠ_ಠ.”

Following the leak, a Facebook group was created for Canadians who are threatening to move to America in protest. At the time of writing, approximately 75,000 people have liked the group. Kevin Copely, who created the group, said people should head to greener pastures immediately.

“This country is going to the dogs,” Copely said. “Trudeau’s transgressions get worse by the day. When marijuana is legalized, there will be anarchy in the streets. Please, people, for the sake of your children, you must leave at once. America is safe, clean, and reasonable. Join me in my journey to the land of the free.”

In a press conference this morning, a CNN reporter asked Trump for his response to Trudeau’s comments.

“Who?” asked Trump.