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Illustration by Ed Appleby
Illustration by Ed Appleby

‘Superfight’ game review

By Ed Appleby, Illustrator

A favourite pastime of many introverted intellectuals is to ponder the big questions in life, like who would win in a fight. Now you can sharpen your debate skills and answer the big questions at the same time.

Superfight is a storytelling card game for three to 10 players designed and published by Skybound in 2013. In the game, players are dealt three character cards and three power/weakness cards. Players then pick one of each to build their fighter, then draw another power/weakness card at random to add to their character. Players then reveal their cards and debate about who would win. The table votes on the winner.

Superfight is definitely a game for nerds of all ages. The simplicity of the game makes it great to play with kids, while older players can find several different angles to approach the game. Some of the characters and powers are just ridiculous, which makes the game highly enjoyable.

The one thing to be wary of is the type of player who takes the game too seriously. Sometimes a player has a hard time accepting that their fighter won’t win and will try to verbally beat down the other players until they concede just to shut that player up. The effect can sour the game for everyone, so either avoid playing with this type of player or institute a strict debate and voting policy like in games such as Werewolf.

Superfight is a fun game that’s great for large and diverse groups that enjoy thinking creatively and don’t need a lot of complex rules bogging them down.