Christmas is coming (to the stage)

The Goh Ballet Academy performs for Douglas College

By Kayla Steinman, Contributor

Last Thursday at the Laura C. Muir Theatre, Vancouver’s own Goh Ballet Academy and Youth Company came and performed for us, bringing with them three different dances from their 2012 production of The Nutcracker.

The first that they performed was “Coffee,” or “Arabian Dance.” This piece was performed by Diego Siqueria and Wendy Guo. These two amazing dancers were able to bring the dance to life, showing their passion both for the music and their characters as they danced. Even though they didn’t share a single word, you could feel the passion and the love in the way that their bodies moved and the different poses that they exchanged. Their costumes were very Arabian, presenting bright colours and flowing, if not flying, fabrics that only added to their piece.

The second dance performed was Red Ribbon, a Chinese dance that is traditionally done during celebrations. As the name suggests, there is a red ribbon involved, or rather lots of them, with plenty of joyous bouncing and hopping to match, as if something wonderful just happened and the dancers were literally jumping for joy.

The last dance performed was called Tarantella: a quick paced Italian celebration dance. This one incorporated a tambourine that was used to make different steps seem bigger then they truly were.

Besides the nutcracker dances, the best one was called the “Bureau”; a Matrix-inspired piece that presented the dancers to seem like detectives, dancing in a more contemporary style, with less flawlessly perfect moves, in exchange for offering a far more relaxed structure.

The Goh Ballet Acacdemy is performing their full length Nutcracker from December 19 to 23 at the  Centre in Vancouver for Performing Arts, with a special student discount. This is an absolute must see, so try to catch the group in December to see some amazing talent from all over the world.