Chrome briefly kicks Explorer down to second

Google’s web browser takes down Microsoft’s

By Allie Davison, Staff Writer

[dropcap]G[/dropcap]oogle Chrome, the popular web browser produced by Google, momentarily overtook Internet Explorer for first place in most-downloaded Internet browser on Sunday March 18. However Internet Explorer, the standard PC browser, has held the first place position since 1996 and quickly shot back to first place. The web monitoring firm Statcounter reported that Chrome was back to second place as of the following Monday.

Statcounter CEO, Aodhan Cullen, remarked that “While it is only one day, this is a milestone.”

Cullen attributed the weekend success of the browser on the fact that once people are at home, they have the right to choose their own browser—not whichever one their workplace may choose.

Since Chrome launched in 2008, it has quickly moved up in the ranks of web browsers. In November 2011, Statcounter reported that Chrome overtook Firefox as the second most downloaded browser. Overall they reported that 25-28 per cent of all Internet users worldwide use Google Chrome. Statcounter also reported that, as of December 15, Chrome is the most popular browser—even if it’s not the most downloaded.

Chrome is currently the most downloaded browser in some countries, including: Russia, India, Pakistan, and South America. It’s the ratings in North America, China, and the United Kingdom that have prevented Chrome from dominating the Internet browser world.

Why choose Chrome?

The reviews are in, and most are pro Chrome. Reviews from top sites such as, PC World, and PC Mag all gave Chrome stellar reviews. Here are some of the things they had to say:

  1. “Google’s browser is one of the fastest and most standards-compliant browsers available… [Chrome] offers highly competitive features, including synchronization, autofill, and standards compliance, and maintains Google’s reputation for building one of the fastest browsers available.” Rated five out of five stars –
  2. “Chrome lives up to its hype by rethinking the Web browser in clever and convenient ways that make using the Web a more organic experience than you’d get with either Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 8 or Mozilla’s Firefox 3.” Rated 4.5 stars out of 5 –
  3. “As it increases in popularity, Google Chrome is becoming more and more a conduit for Google services. With the previous release of Chrome, the Internet search leader also changed just one user-facing feature—the new tab page, which has been tweaked to give more prominence to the Chrome Web app store. Though this isn’t a huge improvement, Chrome remains your best Web browser, thanks to blazing speed, and ground-breaking features.” Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars –