Comic Corner: Going beyond a cancelled cartoon

‘Batman Beyond: Hush Beyond’ review

By Brittney MacDonald, Columnist


If you’re not familiar with the old Batman Beyond cartoon from 1999, then you’re not alone. The cartoon lasted for a single season and inspired polarized opinions from DC Comics fans; it brought something different to the Batman franchise. The comic series from 2011 maintains the original feel of the old cartoon but in a far sleeker, more adult way, despite the clunky looking covers.

Hush Beyond, written by Adam Beechen, takes up where the cartoon series left off, allowing people familiar with the cartoon to enjoy it while also explaining enough of the backstory through flashback so that people new to the Batman Beyond universe will be not be alienated from the series. However, it does require some basic knowledge about the Batman franchise.

Terry McGinnis, the new Batman being taught by an older Bruce Wayne, battles both new and old villains in a futuristic Gotham City metropolis. When witnesses start reporting seeing Hush—one of Batman’s greatest enemies—the pair turn to Wayne’s old partners like Dick Grayson (Robin/Nightwing) for insight. It’s fairly obvious that at least a couple of them remain a little bitter towards the Dark Knight for the trials of their youth.

Stylistically, the art is very traditional, but Ryan Benjamin and David Baron do a very good job of keeping the dark, gothic feel of Batman without making their panels appear overcrowded or muddy. However, the covers by Dustin Nguyen seem anatomically disproportionate. The broad chests and thick waists appear odd next to Benjamin’s sleeker character designs within the graphic novel.

As a fan of dark futuristic settings, I would recommend this series for fans of Batman looking for something a little different.