Comic Corner: The ultimate bromance

Panel art by Ed McGuinness
Panel art by Ed McGuinness

‘Spider-Man/Deadpool #1’ review

By Brittney MacDonald, Life & Style Editor


Do you ever look at two guys who obviously have the most epic bromance and become suddenly jealous? For me, that was what Spider-Man/Deadpool was all about. The new series combines everyone’s favourite fourth-wall-breaking, pancake-making, chimichanga-loving anti-hero with Marvel’s most likeable superhero. It’s hard to see where this could go wrong.

Written by Joe Kelly, now notorious for his Deadpool narratives, the story isn’t so much a plot as a series of random and/or coincidental events. That may sound like I’m coming down hard on this comic book, but believe me, I intend the exact opposite. I think I may have mentioned this before in a previous review, but any Deadpool series tends to be very niche because, as a character, he can’t really be written with too much of a clear linear progression. The reason for this lies in the character himself: Deadpool’s claim to fame (and the reason why he is so beloved by the Internet) is that he doesn’t give the appearance of pre-meditating anything—things always just kind of work out. Readers and fans of the character will argue—and I agree with them—if you read between the lines, you are sometimes given the impression that Deadpool may have planned the entire series of crazy events from the start.

Spider-Man/Deadpool is much the same. It isn’t so much about the defeat of the villain, but more so the hijinks and friendship between the two titular characters. In short, this comic focuses on character development in the most hilarious way possible.

The series is illustrated by Ed McGuinness, someone I would consider one of Marvel’s greatest assets. The man has a lot of practice pencilling both Deadpool and Spider-Man and that certainly shows in his work here.

Overall I enjoyed this comic, though I found it depressingly short. I will certainly be eagerly awaiting the next instalment and would recommend it to anyone looking for something light and fun to read.