Cute little pixelated RTS

Screenshot from Evertown
Screenshot from Evertown

‘Evertown’ game review

By Lauren Paulsen, Senior Columnist


Evertown is a quaint little real-time strategy game with survival elements added. When you boot up the game, you get to create yourself a hero that will lead your town to greatness. After setting up your hero’s stats and naming him, you spawn in a randomly generated map with your main building. Your job is to create yourself a successful town and safely defend it from the creatures of darkness that spawn at night.

The game is still in early access, so there isn’t a whole lot to play with yet. There only seems to be two classes of citizens to choose from at the moment: peasants and hunters. This made advancing in the game difficult because you need wood to build anything and to get wood you need woodcutters. I managed to bypass this, however. When I was trying to work out all of the controls, I accidentally discovered a master key that lets you add as many resources as you want to your stores. That allowed me to play around with various other things and learn how they worked.

There are also several buildings that you can build that really have no purpose, like the barracks. The barracks are supposed to train military personnel, but they don’t seem to be implemented in the game yet, so my barracks basically just used up my (endless) resources and sat there taking up space. I imagine that the military personnel will make advancing a lot easier as the days pass and the enemies get tougher, because my hunters were starting to get one-shotted by day 10. I had basically set up a meat shield of hunters surrounding my little town to protect the peasants that were farming, but found that I couldn’t keep up with spawning new hunters as fast as they were dying. It was about here that I decided I really needed to invest in a better defence system.

Overall, this is a fun little game that I’m really looking forward to playing after it has developed more, and I can imagine myself spending hours on this until I’ve expanded my town across the entire map. I can’t wait to see what it will have in store for me later on.