DCBA hosts CPA and ACAF Information session

Douglas College Business Association via Facebook
Douglas College Business Association via Facebook

Opportunities in accounting and finance

By Carlos Bilan, Staff Writer

On November 8, the Douglas College Business Association (DCBA) will hold the Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA) and Advanced Certificate in Accounting and Finance (ACAF) Information Session in room N1200 from 5:30 p.m. to 7:10 p.m.

The event will feature special guest speaker Stephanie Snowden—Business Development Assistant at CPABC—who will be discussing the CPA and ACAF designations. There will also be MNP representatives in attendance, including Joan Wild, CPHR, RPR (Human Capital Advisor/Manager); and Douglas College alumni Damian Craig, CPA; Tyler Cordero, CPA student (Writer); and Karen Ramage, CPA student (Writer).

DCBA President Milan Sagar, Treasurer Ahmad Sayeedi, and Neil Calder are spearheading the event.

“The goal is to inform accounting and/or finance students the different career opportunities available to them. Obviously, with a majority of students wanting to become CPAs. The ACAF is a Certificate Program being introduced to students at Douglas College in 2017, and gives students another option in the accounting/finance industry,” said Sagar, who is in the BBA Accounting Degree Program.

“Being one of two CPA Campus Ambassadors for Douglas College, I didn’t know Stephanie personally but used my role as a CPA Campus Ambassador and DCBA President to reach out to CPABC to come speak at the event. CPABC is DCBA’s premier sponsor and their support has been amazing these past few years—we’re really excited for Stephanie’s first visit to Douglas College,” he said.

Sayeedi, a third year student in the BBA Accounting program, said, “After […] attending the Fall Recruit this past September, I noticed very few […] students participating, even though we have an accounting program. Having gone through the interview processes, I believe I have a better understanding of how the accounting firms want to recruit new graduates and what they are looking for.”

Calder spoke to his hopes about the program. “I am planning to enrol in the CPA program. I wanted to play a more active role in giving students the opportunity to learn more about the CPA designation and to meet industry professionals who can talk first-hand about being enrolled in the program.”

Sayeedi highlighted time management as a challenge in organizing, promoting, and coordinating the event with other involved parties. Another was the hasty addition of the discussion on the ACAF program.

“Once you become a CPAD, doors open for you. Not only will Stephanie talk about CPA, but the ACAF presentation will be helpful to so many students, and open up so many more doors for domestic and international students,” said Sagar.

“The attendees will be able to get accurate information regarding CPA and ACAF designations directly from the CPA representative we have invited There will be an opportunity to network. For those who are pursuing or interested in an accounting career, it will paint a picture of what’s expected of them when they finally graduate,” Sayeedi said.

Calder agreed that the event is a great opportunity.

“Building strong relationships between Douglas College, CPABC and MNP benefits all those involved and creates an opportunity for students to really hit the ground running when they graduate,” he said.

Sagar advised those attending the networking event to come early to get food and avoid registration line-ups. Students should dress business casual or business formal, come in with an open mind, and bring questions to ask during the Q-and-A session.

“The MNP Representatives will definitely remember you if your questions are engaging and provoking—and CPABC will definitely love you! Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone,” he said.