Don’t be that guy: Mine, mine, mine

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Image by Thinkstock

Learn to receive others’ suggestions and try something new

By Mercedes Deutscher, Staff Writer

The absolute worst thing about watching Netflix with others is when you have to watch it with That Guy.

That Guy will insist on watching How I Met Your Mother. Not that it’s a bad show, but you’ve seen it too many times. You suggest trying out House of Cards, but you’re only met with an exasperated sigh, and end up watching Breaking Bad again.

This is frustrating, and it doesn’t apply only to Netflix. If you and That Guy go to get something to eat, it’s like pulling tooth and nail to get them to try something new. Want to go check out that new attraction in town? That Guy doesn’t.

Don’t be That Guy in your friend group.

Take a moment to think about it. Your favourite things became your favourite things through experience. You decided to give them a try and ended up loving them. I didn’t try sushi until I was 16 years old, and now I eat it several times a month.

It’s understandable to feel uncomfortable around new things. For example, if you do not enjoy amusement park rides and all of your friends want to go on the most thrilling roller coaster in the park, don’t feel pressured into something that makes you uncomfortable. Maybe take that time to play some games while your friends ride so that you all can enjoy yourselves.

Of course, there are situations where you can’t split off for a while and do your own thing, like going to the movies. If it’s your friend’s turn to pick the movie, just roll with it. A lot of the time, movies that you didn’t find interesting in the trailers turn out better than you expected.

Forcing your wants onto every situation without listening to the suggestions of others isn’t only rude, but it makes you kind of a lame friend, because they can’t enjoy themselves around you. It might lead to them making plans behind your back and not inviting you as well. Or it might lead to you pushing away your friends completely. When we were kids, nobody liked it when someone picked the games all of the time. That’s bossy.

In all honesty, trying something you didn’t think of is usually pretty fun. It takes the pressure off of you to plan, and it will remove resentment among friends. So maybe pass the Netflix remote to someone else next time you’re picking a movie.