Don’t respect Donald Trump, even if he is the president

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We can’t normalize an incredibly abnormal person

By Cazzy Lewchuk, Opinions Editor

In just a few days, because reality is unbelievable, Donald Trump will become the president of the United States. There are literally hundreds of reasons why he shouldn’t be in the Oval Office. The majority of people are completely outraged, but many (including some of the outraged) feel he should be respected in his position. The US president is worthy of that, no?

There’s no reason to respect the US president on their own. Many presidents were genuinely evil people who did terrible things. George W. Bush’s Iraq war killed hundreds of thousands of people. Nevertheless, Trump is a special kind of incompetent dangerous nincompoop who doesn’t deserve respect.

He’s dangerously unqualified. Trump has absolutely no prior political or military experience, previously unheard of for a president. Commander-in-chief is not an entry-level job, it’s the hardest job in the world and requires at least a basic knowledge of federal politics. Trump has repeatedly demonstrated that he does not have the proper education for the job. He doesn’t know anything about the law, the system, or the positions he claims to hold on issues. While Trump has support from experienced politicians (although many of his Cabinet members are also politically inexperienced), he’s still making powerful decisions that he doesn’t understand the full ramifications of.

He’s a national security risk. The president has access to—and power over—highly important international information, including launch codes for nuclear weapons. Trump refuses to behave with diplomacy or civility, frequently criticizing foreign governments and leaders on Twitter or in person. It’s already a proven fact that the Russian government influenced this election to help Trump win, and his ties to Vladimir Putin and Russia likely go much deeper.

He’s a misogynistic and abusive sex offender. Trump was caught on tape claiming he likes to grope women’s genitals (yes, really), and has been accused of doing so by over a dozen women. Donald was even sued by a woman claiming he sexually assaulted her when she was 13 years old. It’s disgusting. Despite Trump’s arguments that he wasn’t being serious, his multiple accusers just won’t disappear. His crass comments and behaviour around women are well-known, and sexually assaulting people simply isn’t a standard of behaviour the president should be engaging in.

He’s a serial liar and manipulator. Trump’s buffoonery and cluelessness is terrifying, but his disregard for the truth may be the most concerning thing about the new president. In addition to endorsing baseless conspiracy theories, Trump regularly discredits the media and any other sources that don’t fit his agenda. He’ll regularly publish claims that are completely wrong, and viciously shoot down credible sources. No matter how destructive Trump becomes, he will gaslight his followers into believing something else. It’s a dangerous time when we can’t agree what the truth is and the president is actively swaying us away from the truth.

His policies are insane and genocidal. Trump has called for more countries to have nuclear bombs and showed zero understanding of international diplomacy. In addition, his calls for a Muslim registry and ban on entering the United States (there are 1.6 billion Muslims worldwide) resemble policies from racist, fascist nations of the past.

It’s nearly impossible to take Donald Trump seriously, or give him even the basic courtesy of respect considering his ridiculous behaviour. He’s had a year and a half to appear more professional, and he seems to be going even more mad with power. He’s not a popular president, and he’s barely legitimate. He got where he is through Russian hacking, an outdated electoral system, and the spreading of misinformation. He doesn’t need to be respected, nor should he be. He should be continuously opposed, protested, and removed from office for national security reasons. The criteria for being president is more than “be elected,” and Trump does not meet the rest.

Don’t ever let him think he does.