Douglas Discusses: Bottle ban

Photo by Billy Bui

We ask students their thoughts on the plastic bottle ban, and if they have been affected by it
By Jessica Berget, Editor-in-Chief


Starting September 1, Douglas College made the pledge to reduce the use of single-use plastics by banning plastic water bottles on all campuses. A Douglas College press release claimed that 92 percent of respondents said they strongly support the ban. With the ban now in full effect, the Other Press went out and interviewed students about whether they still think the ban is a good idea, and whether they have been personally affected by it. Here’s what the students of Douglas had to say.

Seema, an Administration major and Jamie, in Sport Sciences both agreed that implementing the ban was a good choice.  “I think it’s good they’re doing it,” said Jamie. “I bring my own Swell bottle to school so [I’m] not really [affected by it].”

Support of the plastic bottle ban did not waver with the next group of students. Jennifer, majoring in Geography and Sophie, a Sports science major both agreed that the ban is needed. “I read that on the website actually last night and [thought] that’s a good idea,” said Jennifer. They also concurred that they weren’t affected by the ban, as they bring their own reusable bottles.

Some students were more passionate about the ban being implemented. When asked if they thought it was a good idea, Josh, a Music major replied “Hell yeah.” Followed with the question if they had been affected by it, Josh’s response took a serious tone. “This world has. Honestly, don’t even get me started on the whole plastic thing,” he said. “Us human beings have just made a mess, you know. Is there any fixing anything at this point?”

Many of the students at Douglas College conceded that the bottle ban is a step in the right direction. With so many students already bringing their own reusable water bottles to school, it seemed the ban did not affect many individuals on campus. Or so we thought, until we talked to Sonam Kaloti, the Arts Editor at the Other Press.

“Originally [on the first day of class] I had an audition where I needed to sing. Forgot to bring water because that just happens sometimes. Honestly, I left home thinking I could just buy some,” said Kaloti, in an email interview.

She then went on to explain her stance on the ban, and what happened when she realized there was no plastic water bottles on campus. “Yeah, plastic sucks for the environment but [you] need water when you need water,” she said. “I only own a 2L [bottle] at home and I’m not trying to lug that around. I went to a vending machine and there was no water bottles. Then I went to the cafeteria and there was no water bottles anywhere in there either. I thought this was weird but didn’t connect that there was a ban. I went on a wild goose chase hoping there might be a place to buy water. I really did need more than just a little bit from the fountain, so I left the school to buy it from a restaurant across the street. I figured it was time to buy a water bottle after that day, but Douglas pulled through and I got a free one.”

It may be a pain for those who forget their bottles at home, or don’t realize that there is a ban on campus. However, as far as the general consensus of Douglas College students goes, it is necessary for the well-being of our planet.

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