Fall in love with ‘The Sticks’

By Sophie Isbister, Contributor


Released on September 18, a mere year and a half after 2011’s Eureka, local indie darlings Mother Mother leap out of the gate with The Sticks.

Their fourth full-length album has the same brain-blasting pop-rock sound as their third, as can be heard on the first single, “Let’s Fall In Love.” “Let’s Fall in Love” is a fantastically loud lampooning of love, parodying the Cole Porter classic “Let’s Do It (Let’s Fall in Love),” stating those that dare to fall into it are both everyone and unlucky.

I can’t think of any other band that utilizes their backup singers as well as Mother Mother. Lead singer Ryan Guldemond’s voice cuts clean, but it’s the mocking, sassy chorus of Molly Guldemond and Jasmin Parkin that really amps up the dimensions in this otherwise ordinary band. All three voices harmonize masterfully on tracks like “Waiting for the World to End” and “Little Pistol.” The clever, sarcastic and sometimes self-effacing lyrics on tracks like “Infinitesimal” and “Happy” prove that Mother Mother are the full package.

Keep those albums coming guys, because The Sticks proves that, at least for this band, quality and quantity go hand in hand.