Family is everything—even at Burning Man

‘Taking my Parents to Burning Man’ review

By Steven Cayer, Senior Columnist


I had the pleasure of going to the sold-out Canadian premiere of what is now my favourite documentary, Taking My Parents to Burning Man. Seeing it with a whole theatre of like-minded people made it even better.

The film follows Bry, an average guy who happens to be a party/festival animal. Every summer it’s festival season again, with the grand finale being Burning Man. One year he decides to take his parents, so he can show them his lifestyle. What ensues is the most authentic, funny, moving, and touching road trip I’ve seen. It even describes how they got the necessary tools to make the documentary itself.

After seeing this movie, I’ve realized one thing: since Burning Man can mean so many different things to each individual, almost nobody knows exactly what Burning Man is. Here’s my best description: a festival that takes place in the vast desert of Black Rock City, Nevada, that has eclectic creativity where nobody judges and everybody has fun.

This documentary puts things in perspective, especially when you see the entire campsite of roughly 65,000 people. I felt like I was already there and it was an unbelievably amazing experience in itself.

This is by far the best documentary I’ve ever seen. And yes, take your parents.