From UK to BC

Photo by Mark Jones on Flickr

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s move to Canada

By Tania Arora, Staff Writer

The most talked about couple in recent times, Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been rumored to be planning to move to British Columbia, Canada. In an effort to give up on their royal roles and live with their wealthy family, they decided to move to a different country to try to live independently and out of the scope of the media—and have decided that BC may soon be called their new home.

The couple is currently residing in Victoria, where they also celebrated Christmas with their eight-month-old son Archie, and Markle’s mother. Although they left Britain majorly due to the invasion of privacy and other undisclosed reasons, the couple found themselves landing in a country with that also has huge media speculation.

Some Canadians have been both excited and anxious to welcome the royal couple, while many others have not. In a Canadian Angus Reid poll, 50 percent of Canadians said they don’t really care if the couple decided to move to the Great White North. While some are happy to be chosen as a spot to settle by the highness, many also hold worries as to whether the tax-payer’s money will be used for their security.

Trudeau—in answering the immediate questions risen by Canadian citizens—said that he hasn’t discussed it with the Queen yet.

There have been multiple rounds of discussion on various media platforms as to how the couple expects or must be treated and greeted, especially in public places. According to a CBC article, Vancouver etiquette expert Elizabeth Burnett says one must not approach them unless approached first. Otherwise, she suggests a bow or curtsy. Since they’re also giving up their royal titles, the duo probably prefer living like regular folk and being called by their first names. 

British press tabloid, The Sun, reported the rounds of discussion over the couple planning to call the $36 million property in Kitsilano neighborhood on the Point Grey road. The area is known for the gigantic properties with ocean views. 

Although the couple has been trying to avoid the paparazzi, it is something which cannot be avoided in public places. Time magazine reports they recently issued a public warning which accused the media of following and taking photos of them, citing it as harassment after a picture surfaced of Meghan Markle on a trail with her son and dogs to which she did not consent to.

So, if you spot Harry and Meghan on a trail or hill or during morning walk, do not be taken aback. If you wish to meet them, extend a warm hello!