Get to know your Douglas Students’ Union Representatives

Devlin Pereira manages the money

By Julia Siedlanowska, Staff Writer

In an interview with the Other Press, Douglas Students’ Union (DSU) treasurer Devlin Pereira explains how managing a million-dollar budget has prepared him for the future.

Could you explain for us your role as treasurer at the Douglas Students Union? What duties does this include?

My role as the treasurer at the Douglas Students’ Union is administering the budget for the union. I am responsible to work alongside our accountant to make sure the union is running financially secure and responsible. I also keep track of the daily expenses of the union and administer the hours of the representative committee. Along with this, as with every rep, I have a role of planning, organizing, and implementing different events and campaigns for the student body.

When did you start being interested in being involved at the DSU?

I first began being interested in being involved at the DSU almost two years ago when I was approached by a few members of the then-current Student Board to run in the upcoming election. At the time I honestly did not know too much about the organization other than the fact that they hosted a few events, campaigns, and sponsored our athletic teams; but fortunately I was quickly filled in on the full scope of the organization and next thing I knew I was fully engrossed in it.

How has working with the DSU affected your life? Have you found it helpful in other aspects of your daily life?

Working with the DSU has given me numerous opportunities and chances to experience different situations to learn from. From working with unionized staff, managing a million-dollar budget, or organizing a large scale event, the DSU has definitely helped me develop as a person and prepared me for the future.

If you could change one thing at Douglas College, what would it be?

If I could change one thing at Douglas College, it would have to be to increase student engagement. Whether it is through involvement with administration or just with their peers, I would love to see students becoming more engaged with their post-secondary experience here. College is an opportunity to learn, network, and grow in all aspects of life, and I would love to see more of just that.

What advice do you have to Douglas students?

My advice for Douglas students would be to get involved on campus. There are so many opportunities to learn and grow that are offered at the college, so really take advantage of as many of these as possible!

What advice would you give someone wanting to get involved with the DSU?

My advice would be to definitely do it! Whether it is through joining a club, putting on an event, volunteering, or working, the Douglas Students’ Union offers some amazing life experiences and opportunities for any student.