Get your mind in gear for school

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Image via Thinkstock

Music to motivate you this semester

By Alex Stanton, Staff Writer

Despite varying wildly in quality and sophistication, music is arguably the most universally enjoyed area of the arts. Some people think movies are a waste of time while others can’t sit still long enough to read a novel. But you’ll find it near impossible to find someone who doesn’t listen to music. Music serves all kinds of purposes to each and every person. The purpose music should be serving in this first month back is pumping you up for class and helping you focus your brain on your study notes. If you take your music on the go, consider putting these songs on your schoolin’ playlist.


“Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen

This Freddie Mercury-penned single is THE best feel-good, hard rock song of all time. The chorus alone (Don’t stop me now/’Cause I’m having such a good time/I’m having a ball) pretty much sums up the pump-up power of this song. You won’t even have to request that people don’t impede you because you’ll be unstoppable. If you’ve seen Shaun of the Dead, this song might be a less ideal choice; you’ll be thinking of nothing but the famous scene in the bar instead of your group project.


“Bawitdaba” by Kid Rock

While Kid Rock may not be a great example of motivation, the catchy-but-unintelligible chorus and the chunky guitar riffs in this song are sure to motivate you. Another positive about this nu-metal number? If you slack off in your classes, Kid Rock—who pretty much declares himself the King of all Trailer Parks—can be a sobering look into the future you may live if you don’t get on track.


“Holding Out for a Hero” by Bonnie Tyler

There aren’t many things more motivating than imagining someone attractive, like Bonnie Tyler in her prime, yearning for a man (you) with heroic qualities. Except instead of slaying dragons or saving the president, you’re impressing your love interest with your essay writing skills.


“Push it to the Limit” by Paul Engemann

Despite the cheese factor of many soundtracks of the ’80s, most of them were incredibly upbeat and fast-paced, including gangster movie Scarface. As a montage song, this one is flawless and it’ll push you right to your limit while you love every minute of your morning stroll to class.


“Fight for Your Right to Party” by the Beastie Boys

For post-secondary students, you’re always fighting for your right to party. Or, rather, polishing off your class project so you can go out and get weird with your crew. The song isn’t from an educational perspective, but wanting to party is a near universal feeling. Hearing about the struggles that impede the protagonist from having a good time will motivate you to work hard so you can play harder.