Going green in 2019

Local buys to build your arsenal

By Lauren Kelly, Graphics Manager


Manna Hydration water bottles


Image via Walmart

Wish you had a S’Well water bottle, but you’re not willing or able to fork over the $50 price tag? Check out Manna Hydration. You can grab a comparable water bottle at Canadian Tire from this brand for around $8 to $10, or order from its online store. With double-walls that will keep your drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12, this is all you need—and the brand has fun designs just like S’Well.


Colibri Snack Bags


Image via Well.ca

If you bring your own food for classes—or if you help pack lunches for someone else—you know how many Ziploc bags you can go through. When I was a kid, I had a few a day in each lunch, and that amount of waste adds up quickly. Luckily, companies are beginning to make cute, reusable bags for items of any size. Colibri is a Manitoba-based company that sells in a few different stores in Vancouver, including My Little Green Shop at Burnaby and Burrard. The bags are around $8 each and are easy to clean. This store is also a great one-stop shop for other environmentally-friendly goodies!


GlassSipper glass straws

Image via GlassSipper

There has been a lot of debate about plastic straw bans recently. If you’re looking to ease your conscience on this front, check out GlassSipper. With various sizes, including smoothie and bubble tea straws, these glass straws can fit any sipping need. The company was started by a Vancouver glass artisan, so you’re also supporting a local business. Their straws are available at Donald’s Market in the New Westminster River Market just down the street from the New West campus and fall under $10 a piece.


Local reusable bags

Image via BookWarehouse on Facebook

Some stores are turning to paper bags, but many still use plastic. For those of us who don’t carry around huge backpacks, an easy to tote reusable grocery or tote bag is a useful tool. For those with little room, London Drugs sells packable thin shopping bags in various patterns for $2.99 each, and if you’re a member of their rewards program you can get your first one for 99 cents. However, many of your favourite local stores will sell reusable bags with their own branding, so buying from them is a great way to support local and also give your store a shout-out. Check out small bookstores such as Book Warehouse on Broadway and gift stores such as Giving Gifts on Main Street for good options. Another great place to pick up some great reusable bags is the Vancouver Public Library. Proceeds go to the library itself and they have a lot of cute and punny designs. They even sell plastic-coated ones with a seal specifically for carrying food or lunches.