Grind time

Off-season preparation for the Royals

By Courtnie Martin, Sports Reporter

With two major sports just wrapping up their seasons, the preparation for next year has already begun. As any athlete knows, the work isn’t over once season ends—and the Royals know that as well as anyone.

With Royals’ strength and conditioning coach Jake Elder giving the athletes two weeks off after their seasons, it is very clear that once they recuperate, the grind will start over again.

“I am glad that we are getting some time off after season; it was a very long season. But I want to get back at it soon so we can start working towards next year. Jake is going to push us to the max during the summer and it will truly help us prepare for next season,” said one of the women’s basketball captains and her squad’s provincial tournament game MVP, Adelia Paul.

While many athletes are elated to take the time off, others have already begun their own personal training. “We have been out of season for a little over two weeks and I have realized that in order to stay competitive you have to work hard year-round; that is the best way to get an edge on our opponents. They will probably take a lot of time off. It’s important to develop skills that weren’t as strong during the off-season,” commented women’s volleyball player Courtney Wilson.

The Royals have been commended on how hard they work in the weight room during season, but in the offseason they take their abilities to new heights. This is the opportunity for them to max out on squats, dead-lifts, and to learn and enhance proper technique.

While the Royals are excited to get back into their sports, they also get the opportunity to come together as an entire unit at the annual Douglas College Athletic Banquet. The banquet allows all the athletes to receive recognition for their accomplishments, and to reminisce on a hard-fought season. With over 200 talented athletes, Douglas feels it’s necessary to acknowledge all of them and the hard work it takes to be a student-athlete.

“I am pumped for the banquet! All of us athletes can come together and celebrate the good, bad, and indifferent for one last time before we get back on the grind. You have to leave the past behind in order to make a more successful future, and I’m sure that is what each of us plan to do moving into our off-seasons,” said men’s volleyball player Nicholas Bridle.