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Image via webcomics via Pinterest
Image via webcomics via Pinterest

‘Go Get A Roomie!’ Webcomic Review

By Rebecca Peterson, Staff Writer

If you’re looking for a long-running webcomic about a tight-knit group of friends of all shapes, sizes, and sexualities, look no further than Chloé C.’s Go Get A Roomie!, now in its sixth year of production.

The story revolves around “Roomie,” a self-titled hippie and roamer, who considers herself to be everybody’s roommate (and lover). She moves herself into the apartment of an introverted storyteller named Lillian, who would rather sleep and lucid dream than socialize. Both women have more of an impact on each other than either of them is willing to admit.

Rounding out the cast is an assortment of different full-bodied characters each worthy of their own story arcs and plot lines. From Jo, the long-suffering, ax-wielding bartender, to WOC (Wise Old Crone), who sits in her garden and tells stories, the colourful cast surrounding Roomie’s adventures really adds depth and a sense of wonder to this slice of life comic.

The initial art style of the comic changes to something completely different a little ways in, but stabilizes after that and isn’t largely distracting. Each strip has a classic four-panel set-up with a punchline at the end, but it all ties into a larger story that is both humourous and thought-provoking.

Occasionally, the comic slides into surrealism during one of Lillian’s vivid dreams or stories, gaining a storybook feeling to it until the tale is concluded and the four-panel system falls into place again. Because of this flexibility, the plot and art always feel fresh, never stagnant or recycled. Often in a webcomic with a certain system in place one can fall victim to “Ctrl+Alt+Del” syndrome (see: “Loss.jpeg”), but it’s clear that Chloé goes to great lengths to ensure that her story never falls into a rut.

Go Get A Roomie!’s greatest strength lies in its characters. As a slice-of-life comic, the characters drive the story, and by dedicating time and care to each one, Chloé has given herself a wealth of material to draw from. Anyone looking for LGBTQ representation should absolutely read this comic, as it is very rare to see such a diverse cast that feels so effortlessly real. There are trans characters, polyamorous characters, gay and lesbian characters both young and old, and all written with love and care. The main character, Roomie, is pansexual, and written with so many emotional layers that after six years of comics it seems as though the writer is still nowhere close to unpacking them all.

If you’re looking for more comics with wonderful art, an enchanting and irreverent sense of humour, and a full-bodied cast of largely LGBTQ characters, Go Get A Roomie! is a phenomenal place to start.