Summer semester is here, and while I’m sure there are many important and interesting things to study for your classes, I would also like to challenge you with some extra-curricular life assignments for the month of May. Why? At the risk of sounding like Drake, you only live once.

  • Stay up all night, but not because you have to. There will be plenty of time to pull all-nighters out of essay-writing-induced bitterness later: deprive yourself of a little sleep and see what happens when you’re usually sleeping and/or in front of a computer. If this can involve nature in some way, you’ll receive bonus marks.
  • Clean your slate. Too often, we get trapped in routines that aren’t satisfying out of weird obligations. Sure, there are things that you really have to do (like go to class); but there are also things that you do just because you usually do them (like watching American Idol). Breaking up with things that you don’t like anymore can be very liberating—or at least that’s what my ex-boyfriend said when he cleaned his slate of me.
  • Eat something you never have. You only have so many years to live, and you can only realistically eat a few times a day. Do you really want to die without having tried wasabi–flavoured gelato?

That’s it for now, but I urge you to give these assignments a try. Send me photographic evidence of your results before May 27, and I might just feature them online at theotherpress.ca.