Honours even at Lillooet Park

Photo by Davie Wong
Photo by Davie Wong

Women’s soccer draw even with Blues

By Davie Wong, Sports Editor

For some teams, an extended break can be a bit of a trap. While the rest is nice, the lack of competition may dull a team or slow their momentum. For the Royals, that was their biggest fear coming into Sunday. However, unlike last week, the schedule was on their side this time.

Their opponent, the Capilano Blues, had a tough week going into their bout against the Royals on Sunday. An away game against the VIU Mariners ensured the team was tired and a bit worn out when they came home on Sunday. The Mariners did the due diligence and put the Blues through the bells and whistles during their game. It took an exceptional Blues’ effort to even bring the game to a tie. So going into Sunday, it was safe to say that the Royals had a bit of an edge. Nonetheless, it was always going to be a heavyweight tilt when the two teams finally met up of on the field.

The game started off as advertised. The two wills of the team clashed on the field and in air. The battle looked like a perfect equilibrium as every Royals possession and chance was matched by a Blues run and chance. Neither team could find a leg up on the other in the first half of play.

However, that momentum changed right out of the door after the halftime break. Royals striker Mikayla Hamilton slotted in a wonderful shot that gave the Royals the lead. But the Blues also came out of the gate swinging. Much to the disdain of the Royals, not more than three minutes after they seized the lead, the Blues came storming back and equalized that game.

The action was constant after that mark. Shots from both teams tested their respective goalkeepers and very close chances flew just a little wide. At the end of 90, the 2 goals that started the half would end up being the only ones to end up in the net.

Although a tie is surely not what Chris Laxton was looking for when he and his team ventured up to Lillooet Field, it’s a result that they won’t have a bitter time taking. The result puts them right up there in the standing, at five points with one win, one loss and two ties. To be precise, the team sits at third in the standings, with one point separating them from the Blues, who sit just above them. The VIU Mariners sit below them at fourth with four ties in four matches.