Indie fashion feature: Loungefly

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Bringing out our most fashionable geek

By Brittney MacDonald, Life & Style Editor

What’s better than a good handbag? In the land of Loungefly, absolutely nothing! As a self-professed (and publicly-professed, for that matter) nerd queen, I often find it difficult to find high quality accessories that allow me to incorporate my love of anime, comics, and videogames into my everyday wardrobe. I mean, Prada purses are nice, but they’d be better with Hello Kitty on them. If you’re like me, then Loungefly is a company that you should know about.

Based out of California, this company thrives on designs inspired by popular culture. This has lead them to seek out partnerships with Sanrio, Paul Frank, Disney, and many other companies in order to provide their customers with something they can be proud to show off in public—their Star Wars line is a personal favourite of mine.

Their products vary, featuring everything from purses and wallets to tote bags and luggage. They do sell some clothing, but it’s limited to mostly just t-shirts and outerwear. The crowning jewel in their online store is their wide selection of purses. They come in all shapes and sizes—as well as all different fandoms! Being that the selection is so varied, it’s incredibly easy to find something for everyone. And if you’re not too into the mainstream but still want something different and cute, don’t worry, because they do have some non-geek inspired designs as well.

Price-wise I was rather pleased. The cost of things vary anywhere from $9–70 USD, so it’s not hard to find something affordable. The designs based off of licensed material are more expensive, obviously, but the cost is still kept relatively reasonable. I was disappointed to find that certain lines are a lot cheaper than others, like the Sanrio stuff is a lot cheaper than the Star Wars stuff. You can get a My Melody backpack for $45, while a small Star Wars purse will set you back $70. I’m guessing this is due to various licensing contracts.

In any case I would definitely recommend checking this place out if you’re in the market for some new bags—backpacks, purses, or otherwise.