Indie Fashion Feature: SciFeye Candy

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Putting the play back in foreplay

By Brittney MacDonald, Life & Style Editor

I feel like I have done a disservice in some small way by not presenting independent fashion options from a more local perspective. Yes, the outside world is a big, beautiful place filled with flounce skirts and enticing handbags, but Canada definitely has its share of independent fashion labels to choose from. One that I see quite often is SciFeye Candy, a line devoted to nerd inspired swimwear and lingerie.

With local proponents such as Lush Prime Cosplay and even international names such as Jessica Nigiri toting the quality of this label I wasn’t surprised to find that the various styles and quality of the garments was impressive.

Based out of Toronto, SciFeye Candy doesn’t shy away from the sexy, but with the nerdy edge that puts them at home at the many Canadian conventions, including Vancouver’s own Anime Revolution, which they have frequented in years past.

Due to its extremely varied convention scene, Vancouver has an overwhelming amount of nerdy day events and adult-themed cosplay/costume events on a fairly regular basis—and with summer just around the corner, the number of these events popping up is sure to increase. Half the fun of these events is being able to dress up and party alongside your geeky friends, so having a quick, cute, sexy look you can pop on for in the club just in the back of your drawer is always a bonus.

I’m not going to lie, a lot of SciFeye Candy’s more costume-y looks, such as their Sailor Moon or Kill la Kill swimwear lines would probably be a pain in the butt to wear in the water. However, the quality ensures that, should you choose to, you definitely could cannon-ball to your heart’s content. There’s no doubt about it, certain styles are more costumes than they are day-to-day wear, but with the variety of styles that this label has they do offer some simpler looks you could take to the water park or sport under your clothes.

My only complaint about this line is that there is a very “homemade” aspect to it. Comparing the garments to their store bought counterparts; there is no doubt which one was made by an independent. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as it almost makes me more confident in the quality of the garments because I can see how much attention to detail is paid to the product.

You can find SciFeye Candy in the Dealer’s Hall of various Vancouver conventions, as well as online at