Indie fashion feature: SpreePicky

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Shopping spooky-cute trends in Japanese street fashion

By Brittney MacDonald, Life & Style Editor

Everyone has that one holiday that they absolutely go nuts for. For me, that’s Halloween. I will admit, I am the type to wear gaudy pumpkin jewelry and oversized mom sweaters with scarecrows on them, but, due to my relative tenuous status as a fashionista, I at least try to warp this misguided excitement into something as stylish as possible. Doing so is made all the easier with websites like SpreePicky, which embraces holiday themes and regurgitates them as garments easily worn in the name of Japanese street fashion—and all for a relatively modest price.

Japanese street fashion is a catch-all for Asian style trends such as Harajuku, Ganguro/Kogal, Lolita, various keis, and many more. As such, SpreePicky offers a wide range of style options to suit your own personal sense of self expression, as well as various anime inspired garments and jewelry for my weaboo buddies out there.

Traditionally, Halloween is a western holiday, but it has been growing in popularity in various Asian countries due to the growing acculturation between East and West. Because of this, it has been embraced by various Japanese style trends that take inspiration from Western culture, meaning that Halloween imagery is a hot commodity in street fashion.

SpreePicky takes inspiration from that street fashion and makes it more readily available to the world at large. Admittedly, the quality of the clothes isn’t the best, but with prices ranging from $5–200 it’s easy enough to justify buying something that may not last until the end of time.

The one issue I had with SpreePicky was that there was so much content that it was difficult to find anything. Their keyword search is a little too specific, meaning that the items it finds will match your search specifically instead of showing you items that may be related to your search. This is an issue if you’re browsing the website for a particular theme. The easiest way I found to navigate the site is to actually search their Instagram. This is especially true if you’re looking for holiday-themed pieces like I was, because they tend to post their theme wear in the weeks approaching that particular holiday. The pictures on the Instagram will then have a product code in the description that you can search on their website, and it will take you directly to that item.

Have fun, and happy shopping.