It’s okay to be sick of politics

angry screaming young woman holding megaphoneWhy the news is hurting us all

By Cazzy Lewchuk, Opinions Editor

In the past year and a half, we’ve dealt with the Canadian federal election and the recent BC provincial election.

Elections from other areas of the globe have dominated headlines as well: the Brexit referendum, the upcoming British federal election, and, most memorably (and outrageously), the US presidential election.

Politics bring out the worst in all of us. Many political issues relate to deeply-held beliefs that affect how we treat others and live our lives. Particularly when dealing with friends or family, political disagreements can cause very serious tension.

Even when we’re all on the same page, political news is an unpleasant reminder of the problems in our society. We are forced to confront, determine our feelings towards, and support a politician based on these problems.

Ideally, we shouldn’t become “sick of” fighting for human equality and making the world a better place, but being a responsible and compassionate citizen does not begin or end with an election. I argue that most of us agree on the same things, on the outcomes we want; we’re just divided on how to get there.

Elections are stressful, emotional, tiring, and boring. For weeks—if not months—we hear about candidates, the issues, and their next steps on the campaign trail.

Perhaps apathy is the worst part of politics. When someone’s political views do not line up with yours, it’s infuriating. On all sides of the spectrum, we see what we choose as right. How dare others support the candidate we don’t support ourselves? Don’t they agree with us on something so important?

Elections teach us that it’s very easy to become divided. I believe we have more in common than we think, and can find unity even among issues we firmly disagree about. However, come election time, it seems as though 50 per cent  of voters are evil strangers who care about no one else but themselves. In a perfect world, we’d never be confronted with that division.

Elections are very important, but it doesn’t mean they’re easy. I’m sick of politics and I’m sure you all are too, and that’s okay.