Listed: 5 places to find the perfect gift for your valentine

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A gift giving guide for people who don’t pay attention

By Brittney MacDonald, Life & Style Editor

Haven’t been listening to your significant other much? Meh, it happens. How are you supposed to be concentrating on their wants and needs when they’re super boring and they talk too much? But now you’re stuck. You need to prove you care by getting them a really awesome Valentine’s Day gift—something that says “I was totally listening and not thinking about how excited I am about the new Deadpool movie.” Now, you could ask their friends and family and risk ostracizing yourself by letting other people know you’re a horrible boyfriend/girlfriend—or you can resort to other, more covert means. Here are the top five places to check for Valentine’s Day gift ideas.

  1. Tumblr: if you’re lucky enough to be dating someone who’s a frequent Tumblr user, then you have it made. All Tumblr is is a bunch of whiney people complaining about stuff they can’t afford and gender oppression. Peruse their Tumblr page to discover their interests—just be careful that your gift doesn’t conform to any established gender norms and you should be good.
  2. Instagram: What do people do when they’re out shopping and come across something they desperately want, but can’t justify purchasing? They take a tiny square picture of it and post it with a retro filter and some sad emojis. Yes it’s stupid, but don’t knock it too much—this weird social habit could save your ass! Instagram is a plethora of gift ideas and pictures of people’s pets. See what your significant other likes, then find a way to get it for them.
  3. Check out their best friend: Do you even know who your significant other’s best friend is? Good! Generally good friends tend to have a similar aesthetic—meaning all you have to do is check out their best friend’s duds for inspiration. You might want to jazz it up a bit, and buy that shirt or jacket in a different colour. I mean, come on, you can’t be too obvious!
  4. Facebook: Generally Facebook can be a bit hit or miss when it comes to gift inspiration. Who’s to say your lover wasn’t sharing that link about an entire line of ironic t-shirts because they thought it was hilariously idiotic? Play it safe and stick to stuff they’ve commented on—better yet, look for something charitable! How can your boyfriend/girlfriend get pissed when your gift helps feed starving kids in Africa? You look like a saint, and they look like a dick if they hate it. Win-win!
  5. Buy them something they already have: This is the oldest trick in the book. How do you prove your love for someone? Take something they love and buy them the newer, better version of it. Make up some half-assed story about the gift’s previous incarnation looking ratty or worn down, then cash in on the love points for having noticed—even if it’s all a line of bullshit.