Love Letter

By some smitten fool, Contributor


A is for Alberta, where you were born,
B is for Britain, where you didn’t grow up,

C is for corn ’cause you like eating corn,
D is for don’t you wish I would shut up?


E is for everything I like about you,

F is for face, I guess yours isn’t bad,

G for gelato, you still owe me two,

H is for how much you sound like your dad.

I is myself ’cause I’m your number one,
J is for Jaws, which you still haven’t seen,

K is for kisses, those are pretty fun,

L is for love, yeah you know what I mean.


M is for music, your taste is quite crappy,

N for your nose, it’s okay, it’s not great,

O is for ooh la la, we’re so sappy,

P’s for the park where we had our first date.


Q, hmm, Q’s hard, let’s just skip this letter,

R is romantic, which this poem is not,

S for spaghetti, yours is good but mine’s better,

T is for tacos, mm, now those are hot.


U’s understanding, which you sometimes don’t do,

V is Volkswagen, let’s say W is as well,

XOXO, and of course Y is you,

Z for some lemon zest ’cause sweetie, you smell.


Wasn’t this a love poem? Oops, I guess not this time.

It might not be romantic, but at least it does rhyme.