L&S Listed: 10 tips for book-to-beach summer semester success!

Summer semester: Douglas College’s best-kept secret. The sun is out, the pace is more relaxed, and getting an education definitely beats bagging groceries full-time. For you intrepid few who like readings and papers along with your weekend camping getaways, here’s a Listed full of tips on making the most of summer while maintaining that GPA.

1. Turn up. Success is 80 per cent showing up (or so they say).
2. Seriously, I don’t care how sunny it is, show up to class.
3. Wear sunscreen! Nothing’s worse than your sunburnt back sticking to Douglas College lecture hall seats.
4. Study outside! The sun will help you focus and make you happy.
5. Study in New Westminster parks, such as giant Queen’s Park, Moody Park, or Hume Park.
6. Study in Coquitlam parks, such as scenic Lafarge Lake, right next to the David Lam Campus.
7. Keep an emergency beach kit in your schoolbag; include sunscreen, a swimsuit, and a small towel. Rush to the beach after class.
8. Conversely, take advantage of the air conditioned campus to beat the heat while you hit the books (sounds violent!).
9. Stay extra-hydrated. Water intake helps reduce brain fog that can come from the hot weather.
10. You wouldn’t be taking summer classes if you weren’t a keener, so take advantage of the slower pace to get involved on campus. Spend more time in your labs, visit your teachers during their office hours, or get involved with groups on campus! Might I suggest the Other Press?