Madeon brings happiness a new meaning with ‘Good Faith’

Photo by Sonam Kaloti

Madeon live show review

By Sonam Kaloti, Arts Editor



Madeon (Hugo Pierre Leclercq) performed at the Commodore Ballroom on October 30. His live sets have always been nothing short of spectacular, but it was exciting to watch a brand-new live show, based on his new album Good Faith, set to release on November 15.

His visuals were stunning. In accordance with his Good Faith era, there were many holographic and saturated visuals, smooth gradients, and uplifting words, such as “Fear No More.” The lighting and lasers followed suit with the visual affects and the entire show was incredibly pleasing to watch.

Madeon, being one of my personal inspirations for most artistic and musical endeavors I have conducted, was just inspiring to see live again. Not only that but meeting a ton of like-minded individuals in the crowd, who are all doing big things in their relative industries—a lot of musicians specifically—was special because we all came together because we’re inspired by this musician on stage, just to experience the moment.

Photo by Sonam Kaloti

His song, “Beings” contains lyrics that I used as my high school grad quote. It was beautiful watching my old and new friends taking turns crying during our favourite songs.

The set was only around an hour long, which was disappointing because Madeon doesn’t come to Vancouver often, and the audience was left wanting more. Though, considering the hour was clearly worked on for a tremendous amount of time, was amazing nonetheless. It was hard to be too disappointed.

He played some unreleased music from his upcoming album, which sounded great and pumped up the crowd for the release. Of course, songs like “You’re On,” and “Shelter,” were crowd favourites that had everyone singing along.

Photo by Sonam Kaloti

Good Faith has a theme of joy in its rawest form. Therefore, listening to any song off the new album is a guaranteed good time. “Be Fine,” the latest single to be released, boasts the lyrics, “I will be fine again / Tell me that I might,” and “Dream Dream Dream” has a chorus singing, “What I’ve been through isn’t much / Your heart can heal the pain / ‘Cause I got you to adore.” Overall, the feel-good atmosphere of this album is exactly what EDM needs. Just some happy bops.

Transitions between his old songs, especially those off his Adventure album, and new songs from Good Faith, were put together cleanly and reinvented Adventure in a way that no one had ever heard before. Madeon’s live set was neither Adventure nor Good Faith, but instead a brand-new creation composed of elements of both. There are nothing but good reasons to go see Madeon’s live show should you ever get the chance.